hanoi day 2


With Tet Holiday only days away, the markets of Hanoi were a feast for the eyes. Packed to the brim with motorbikes, locals, tourists, gifts and brightly colored flowers, the local markets were both a must-see and a congested hazard. We enjoyed a bit of people watching before getting out of dodge to find some calmer environs.


Through a personal network, Max was linked up with Kid Nasty, a fixture in the Hanoi hip-hop subculture. Nasty owns an awesome vintage store, breakdances and upholds an old-school traditional style of graffiti. He was nice enough to invite Max to paint a wall with him during our stay. On a later date, he invited us both to a Tet celebration dinner with his breakdance team and other friends. We enjoyed Hot Pot on the floor of his apartment and were baffled at the hospitality we received despite a huge language barrier. Thanks Nasty!