hoi an day 2


While wandering the Ancient Town area on the second day of our stay we ventured into the Reaching Out Tea House and Craft Workshop. This extremely special organization supports the differently-abled population of the area by providing opportunity to learn skills and gain employment in their hospitality and fair-trade businesses. The tea house is staffed exclusively by speech and hearing impaired servers; blocks with common phrases written on them are used to interact and place orders. All tea and coffee products are locally sourced and organic. We highly enjoyed the Vietnamese tea tasting set and a cà phê sữa đá served in beautiful hand-made pots created in the nearby workshop.


One of the most famous icons of Hoi An is the Japanese Covered Bridge spanning a waterway in the Ancient Town area. The bridge was created in the late 16th Century by the Japanese community to connect them with the Chinese district for the facilitation of trade.