chiang mai day 3


We had a few unchecked items on our to-do list as we set out on our last day in Chiang Mai. Trying the famous local noodle soup dish, Khao Soi, was one of them. We decided to try it out at one of the well-known establishments devoted entirely to this dish, Khao Soi Khun Yai, and were not disappointed. The contrast in texture of the soft and crispy egg noodles, the creamy coconut milk mingling with the curry flavor and the perfect level of spiciness made us think that we may have been given taste buds for the sole purpose of finally finding and trying this dish. It's a can't-miss.


The second half of our day was well spent wandering around the trendy Nimman Neighborhood surrounding Nimmanhemin (Nimman Road). It was a great location to escape the tiring atmosphere of the touristy ancient city area. We watched street artists in action, enjoyed Thai tea in picturesque artsy cafe's, ate some quintessential Northern Thai food, and finally enjoyed a true Thai couples-massage at a spa in the area.