koh kood day 2


The MO of our first few days in Koh Kood was to explore every inch of the island. With its maximum length spanning only 23 km, this wasn’t too difficult of a task. Between beach hopping on our rented motorbike, we decided to check out some of the other natural attractions Koh Kood had to offer including a handful of waterfalls and ancient trees. Pictured above is the Makka Tree which is estimated to be about 500 years old.


We ended our second day with another beautiful sunset at the aptly named Sunset Bar. We found it pleasantly easy to meet other travelers and share drinks and conversation in this beach paradise. Being citizens of different nations gradually became irrelevant as we chatted and laughed with people from all over. This feeling of connection despite borders has been one of the most rewarding parts of the trip so far.