oman road trip day 1


After a couple of days checking out Muscat, it was time to embark on the main event: A week-long road trip through the northern part of the country. Now is a good time to mention the reason this road trip was possible, the sacred tome: Oman Offroad. This legendary book includes a vast wealth of information that shockingly cannot be found anywhere in the deep vaults of the internet. The book surpassed all of our expectations and was directly responsible for one of the best weeks of our lives; we cannot recommend it more highly for anyone road tripping through Oman. One of the first gems it revealed to us was this picturesque view over the Ruwi area of Muscat.


Our first campsite of the trip: Fins Beach. While shooting this photo we could see Omanis swimming along the rocky shore behind us with headlamps, most likely engaging in some kind of night-time fishing. We never quite figured out what they were doing but it was certainly surreal to see their beams illuminating swaths of brilliant turquoise water well after midnight. The next morning we woke to breakfast and great conversation with a French couple that was camping nearby. We were off to a great start.