oman road trip day 5


Oman is known for a multitude of forts and battlements, dating back centuries and distinct in their architectural tradition and cultural significance. We visited Jabreen Castle near Nizwah, originally built by Sultan bin Saif al-Ya'arubi in 1670. The structure provided an interesting view into life and war in middle-age Oman. A favorite tidbit: The castle had a cellar for storing heaps and heaps of dates. The piles of fruit would release date oil under their own weight, which was collected via grooved channels in the floor. In times of peace, the oil would be used to cook in the kitchen, and in times of war it would be heated to a boil and poured on invaders via small slits in the castle passageways. Ouch.


Later that afternoon we took a walk through the scenic village of Misfat al Abriyyin. Once again we enjoyed wandering through the surrounding date palm plantations, and walking along the falaj systems to see where their meandering paths might take us.