cesky krumlov to budapest


Leaving quaint Cesky Krumlov behind (pictured above is the walkway leading out from our hotel), we moved on to Budapest via a full day of bus transit. On the night of our arrival we had planned to go and see the dance music duo Tale of Us at a music venue in town called Akvárium. The club is in a central part of Budapest, built underneath a very lively park which serves as a gathering point for the young people of the city both day and night. Its a fun place to people-watch; slack-liners, skateboarders and revelers of all kinds are always there in great supply. The show was incredible; seeing live music in a foreign country is always an enjoyable way to get acclimated to its attitude and people. We left the show pretty late with a significantly higher BAC than when we arrived, but made it home to our cozy accommodation in once piece.