bovec to postojna


Our final full day in Slovenia began with more nature adventuring in Tolmin Gorge. The gorge is situated at the southernmost part of Triglav National Park, and has been carved out over millennia by the Tolminka and Zadlascica rivers. As we ambled along the path the pearly, radiant blue color of the water reflected off of the damp walls of the gorge, lending a bit of an otherworldly glow to our visit. One of the main attractions in the natural park is called the 'Bear Head'. It's a rock that has been wedged in a narrow part of the gorge since time immemorial that roughly resembles a furry bear head due to its shape and the moss growing on and around it. We were lucky enough to see it backlit by morning light bouncing off the canyon walls and illuminating a beautiful multi-step waterfall directly behind it. 


Before heading to our accommodation for the evening we stopped to spend an afternoon in the coastal town of Piran. Slovenia truly does have a bit of everything when it comes to geography, and its 47 kilometers of coastline on the Adriatic sea ensures that some marine flair is not excluded from that fact. As we approached the town we came within literal meters of the border to Italy, and the general feeling of Piran and its surrounding area reflected this proximity noticeably. Terra-cotta rooftops, venetian architecture and delicious seafood gave us the feeling that we had indeed crossed the border. Only the sound of slavic language drifting around in the air through the cobblestoned walkways interrupted this illusion. We explored the town on foot for a few hours before hopping back in the car and heading north east for a relaxed evening in a farm town outside of Postojna.