lake bled day 2


We had been discussing knocking off one of the most standard major bucket list items, skydiving, at some point on this trip. The areas around Lake Bled are full of adventure outfitters due to the diverse and exciting natural features of Triglav National Park, so we figured this would be a good place to make it happen. We ended up deciding to go with skydiving’s much cheaper, but arguably just as cool, cousin: paragliding. No words can really describe the feeling of running off a snowy mountain cliff and beginning to soar peacefully rather than getting violently injured on the rocks below - it's probably the closest sensation of bird-like flight that you can get. We flew tandem with some awesome local experts who explained the process of riding thermal columns to reach altitudes significantly higher than the already massive mountain we took off from. The ride featured some light acrobatic stunts including high velocity, g-force inducing spiral descents. Not to mention an unrivaled view of the beautiful Lake Bohinj sitting beneath snowy peaks of the Julian Alps. When finally landing safely on the ground after about 30 minutes of gliding, we were both in absolute awe of what we had just experienced. A high point of the trip for sure. 


Later in the day, still absorbed in mentally recounting the excitements of our morning float, we wandered obliviously around Lake Bled. We remembered that we had wanted to try one of Lake Bled’s famous confections: Bled Cake. The recipe for the cake remains a highly coveted secret of the restaurant that created it: The Park Cafe. It’s a cake slice made with puff pastry folded seven times before being baked, cooled, stuffed with sweet egg custard cream and dusted with powdered sugar. It is an indulgence not to be missed. Don’t take our word for it, get one (or two) yourself.