berlin day 1


The European leg of our trip was all-of-a-sudden staring us in the face when we woke up in our Airbnb on our first full day in Berlin. We were feeling a unique mixture of emotions; for one, we had reached the half-way point of our around the world trip… We were in an unfamiliar place, yet the feeling of being somewhere completely new and different had become… familiar? Newness was no longer "new" to us, so we set out in stride on a sunny day in Berlin to do what we had been doing for months now: making the most of every glimmering moment that all together compose this halcyon blip in our lives. 

Our first stop of the day was an epic flea market that takes place weekly in Mauer Park, weather permitting… And damn was the weather permitting on this particular day; it was downright gorgeous and Berliners everywhere were tilting their smiling faces to greet the sun on its first appearance in what must have been a pretty long time. After drifting through lively aisles full of impulse-buys-waiting-to-happen, we settled on a treat for the tastebuds instead… Currywurst and fries were the stars of our day on the town and a heap of aioli was the supporting act. Yum. 


A bit of research revealed that we would be in Berlin in time to see a temporary street art installation called Wandalism. The converted auto warehouse seemed proud to show off its new wardrobe of pieces by some of the best local and international artists around. A subculture injection was the perfect way to round off a beautiful day 1 in Berlin.