prague day 2


We had inadvertently arrived in Prague during the throes of its Easter weekend celebration. The streets were lively with visitors from all over the world; shuffling through the main attractions and enjoying sweets and refreshments in the holiday markets erected in each of the city’s squares. On this chilly Easter’s Eve we decided to take the main Old Town area head on. We enjoyed playing tourist in the Old Town Square market and warmed up with some incredibly delicious hot honey wine and a snack of Trdelník - a Czech specialty pastry made of rolled dough wrapped around a stick and roasted before being dipped in sugar. Looming over the square are some of the most photographed buildings in Prague: the Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn (circa 14th century) and the medieval Prague astronomical clock (15th century). After walking around Old Town for nearly the whole day, we finally headed back to our Airbnb by making our way over the Charles Bridge - just in time to take in another famous view of the city during sunset. The vibrant sky, intricate architectural detail and excited din of the tourists all leant to an enjoyable, electric mood.