With only one full day in Zagreb, we set out on foot to try to see as many of the requisite sights as possible. Zagreb, like most major cities in this part of the world, has a quaint Old Town that is enjoyable to aimlessly wander through. One of the epicenters of this Old Town is St. Mark’s Square, home to The Church of St. Mark which is pictured here. A romanesque window on the church's southern facade is evidence that a portion of the building may date back to the 13th century. It's northwest wall also bears the oldest stone coat of arms of Zagreb, with an engraving of the year 1499. Yup, things are pretty old over here. They just don’t build them like they used to...

Later in the day, after picking up a new rental car that would become our mobile base for the next 3 weeks, we drove to the the picturesque Mirogoj Cemetery. There are a few notable qualities of this vast burial complex. The extensive, vine covered facade topped with scores of Neo-Baroque domes is pretty stunning in its own right. Once inside, one can find resting places for people from all religious backgrounds, which is a stark contrast to other city cemeteries which are usually church-owned and therefore reserved for members of that faith. Beautiful arcades run across the back of the main facade, and serve as the resting place for famous Croatian citizens including politicians, nobel peace prize winners, religious leaders and musicians.