mljet to trogir


Turns out there are some upsides to getting up before dawn to catch a 6am car ferry back to mainland Croatia. In this case it was witnessing the most stunning sunrise of our entire trip as we traversed the serpentine two-lane highway toward Mljet’s ferry landing. We were compelled to stop multiple times along the short drive to get the perfect vantage of the light show over the undulating form of Croatia’s rocky coast. After being waved onto the ferry we headed up to the top level to watch the last bit of the suns fiery ascent and bid the island of Mljet goodbye. Bittersweet as it was, we were looking forward to the next few days; we’d be meeting up with Max’s parents in Split and exploring the area with them!


We dropped off our beloved rental car at the Split Airport (it had been our mobile home base for almost a month!), met up with Max’s parents Di and Thad, and headed toward our accommodation for the next few days in a seaside neighborhood outside of Old Town Trogir. After settling in we wasted no time in exploring the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Trogir. Pictured above is a part of St. Lawrence Cathedral’s romanesque portal created by a man by the name of Master Radovan. Interestingly enough, pretty much no information exists about Radovan other than this doorway which he completed in 1240. He somewhat conceitedly inscribed the words, “FUNDATUR VALVE POST PARTUM VIRGINIS ALME PER RADUANUM CUNCTIS…” above the door, translating to “Master Radovan was the best of all in this art”.