budapest day 5


On our final day in Budapest, Max could no longer hold in all of the inspiration building up. To release the pressure we headed to the famous Filatigrat wall and he painted a piece inspired by the history we had been learning so much about recently. We are frustrated to see many of the same mistakes of the past being remade today, and that is what this particular piece is about. Coincidently, an older gentleman had a workshop behind this wall and came out periodically throughout the day to watch the piece progress. He only spoke Hungarian, and with the help of a younger Hungarian graffiti writer (thanks ONES!), we were able to converse lightly about frustration with today’s political situation in both of our countries (Hungary had just been through an important election days before where PM Viktor Orbán was re-elected. He has made a bad name for himself for corruption and advancing policies that threaten the independence of the judiciary, freedom of expression, and the rights of Roma and Jewish minorities and refugees). Later we toasted over a shot of homemade pálinka, which is essentially fruit brandy native to Hungary. A little something to boost our optimism in trying times perhaps!


Later in the evening we enjoyed a chill night in Pest, with the exception of heading over to Buda to get this classic, unobstructed view of the stunning Parliament building. Another European city had captured our hearts forever.