budapest to ljubljana


Our frequent European rail journeys have become enjoyable respites from the near constant activity of our touristic daily lives. These isolated patches of relative calm are great opportunities to catch up on reading/writing, research, sketching or just to enjoy a peaceful nap (being rocked back and forth by the gentle sway of the train is a pleasantly hypnotic feeling). The ride from Budapest to our next destination, Ljubljana, was a solid 8 hour span. Endless ribbons of countryside ran past our window, punctuated only by stops in obscure towns that, while the center of countless souls’ lives, will sadly never be of any consequence to us. Obscure sorrows and the desire to intimately know every inch of every small town on earth drifted in and out of mind as we watched the show through rain streaked windows. Ljubljana was gray and wet on our arrival. We ran for cover in our hostel and only dared to venture out again to grab a meal at Slovenska Hiša restaurant. We were very pleasantly surprised by its zestful menu full of modern takes on traditional Slovenian dishes.