berlin day 4


On our last full day in Berlin the city fell back into the jealous grip of winter; not quite ready to let spring take the spotlight completely. We spent the morning in a cozy coffee-shop in Kreuzberg and headed back to our accommodation to wait out the sleet and snow. Later that afternoon we decided to brave the unfriendly conditions to participate in another free walking tour of Berlin. This tour took us to some of the more mainstream attractions, and our informative guide filled us in on the significance of each. Pictured is the famous Holocaust Memorial designed by architect Peter Eisenman who purposely left its meaning ambiguous and open to interpretation. The memorial is powerful to experience, as its hidden slopes and labyrinthine confines create a sense of unease. One of the more interesting tidbits from the tour clarified that while this is often mistaken as an all-encompassing Holocaust Memorial, the truth is that it's dedicated specifically as a Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Many other Holocaust memorials exist in Berlin that are dedicated to the other populations that perished during this time including homosexuals and the disabled.