berlin to prague


As quickly as our time in Berlin had begun, it was now ending. It was time to embark on a day of travel toward Prague via Europe’s incredibly robust rail system. Berlin is a ten thousand page anthology — it's so rich with history and such an important point of genesis for heaps of popular and sub culture — and we only felt that we had read the prologue by time we had to leave. Berlin is not the kind of city one can understand at a glance, and perhaps that’s why it's so alluring. We made a pact to return and dive deeper into this world of a city; maybe next time in the summer though. With hardly a second to reflect, we said goodbye and prepared to take another one of Europe’s world-class cities head on. It was time for Praha. Pictured is the evening view we got of Prague's mighty castle (the largest ancient castle in the world) as we made our way from the train station to our accomodation.